Social media explained for old people

Since the years 2000 , Internet was here . The young generation was addicted to it but people who were not born with this don’t know what the Internet is too addictive and use . This article was writen to tell these people why one side of internet is loved by the young people and particulary the social media .

To start , today , 8 of 10 teens use social media everyday and less of 50% of the old people use this .This  difference is real ans this because the actual society lives with this .

Today , it’s easy to acess the internet because in every place we can find Wi-Fi acess . You ask the question : What are the uses of social medias ? Answer is : Having a more important social life , publish and like  photos and videos , talk with family or friends seeing then in real life . All of this was made possible with social media ans it’s the reason that it is popular with the young .

Instead of talking about thr « good » side of the internet , we are going to talk about the its dark side, thougth the dangers exist on Internet like nudes , harassement ect …. we can find illegal trafic and pornography . All this subjects shouldn’t be seen by child and we have to protect them .

To resume , social media is a public place used by all the people but more by the young born after the years 2000 to share they life with other people .

P.S : If you want to know even more , you can click on this link below .

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